Krugman’s Reverse Robin Hoodism

Paul Krugman’s claim, recently posted on Yahoo! Finance, that eliminating the personal and corporate income tax is some kind of “Reverse Robin Hoodism,” is even on its face, completely ridiculous. If we’re to define Reverse Robin Hoodism as taking from the poor to give to the rich, how exactly is eliminating income and corporate taxes taking from the poor, let alone giving to the rich? Taxes are theft, pure and simple. Eliminating these taxes would ELIMINATE this particular theft the federal government is taking at the expense of the American people. Clearly removing a personal income tax doesn’t “take” anything from the poor. Eliminating these taxes, alternatively, does not distribute anything, as Paul Krugman essentially claims. There is no redistribution going on here at all. You have to take something to be able to redistribute it. Not to mention, the windfall to the poor would be substantial. No corporate tax would open up tons of jobs in the private sector, which anyone can tell is desperately needed.


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