NTSA wants to track your automobile

An article from the Examiner details the NTSA’s proposal to equip every automobile with an airplane style ‘black box’ by 2014. How ridiculous is this? How many lives is having a black box equipped going to save? I’m going to go out on a limb and say none. So essentially the consumer is going to have to foot the bill for a black box in every car but derive no additional benefit. Typical government driving up costs on consumer goods for no good reason.

Also, the fact that this black box would act as a data recorder monitoring “everything from how fast your car was traveling, the number of passengers it was carrying, and even its location,” is going to give law enforcement a winning lotto ticket to our stealing our money. Conceivably, anytime you are cited for a speeding violation, the information on the black box will be used as evidence against you. So much for pleading not guilty to speeding tickets. Every single citizen speeds, and probably every day. It will be nearly impossible (although I guess it is already impossible) to say ‘I wasn’t speeding’ when you have the evidence against you recorded on some little black box in your car. It wouldn’t even matter if you could prove an officer’s radar gun was likely malfunctioning, for the black box will tell all. I’m sure there are many more examples on how a black box like this could be destructive to individual liberty, but that is just one example that immediately comes to mind. I could definitely see the voice recorder being incorporated into the black box as well, constituting, in my opinion, a disturbing invasion of the sanctity of one’s home and, in this case, car.


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