Do-nothing Congress

People complain about a Do-Nothing Congress all the time. But, as a libertarian, the Do-Nothing congress is a friend of any liberty-lover. We should be happy that members of Congress are not budging on the contentious issues because any time we have more laws, more bills and more regulations it means we have less freedoms and more government; exactly what we do not need when we’re broke. This is exactly why we set up a federal republic as our form of government. It is in our interest as citizens for Congress NOT to agree on many issues so that our government is not just a rubber stamp to create more government. We might wish that Congress would agree on some issues so that we could pull back some government and some regulations, but how often does that actually happen? We should be grateful for this Do-Nothing Congress because otherwise our government would be larger and more bloated than it already is, and we would have less freedoms to show for it. Whenever Congress agrees, it agrees to expand its’ own power, not return power to private citizens.

Instead of looking at gridlock as some evil, maybe we should realize that if these issues are so hotly debated maybe we shouldn’t legislate these activities and have a one-size fits all solution that will really make nobody happy, and cost everyone money. In these situations, we’re forced to pay for programs as a taxpayer that as a private citizen we would either never pay for because it’s a terrible deal and we aren’t getting our moneys worth, or never receive because we wouldn’t be able to afford its costs in a private system.  This money could be spent much more productively in private hands, and more importantly, spent voluntarily. In a governmental system, if you aren’t getting your money’s worth out of a program, you don’t have a choice but to keep (over)paying for a shoddy service, otherwise you’re a criminal tax evader. In a private system, if you aren’t getting your money’s worth, you can take your business somewhere else where you will receive the value you are looking for, or not partake in that service at all. Government is not inherently necessary for any service and in all cases causes that service to be inefficient compared to any private solution.

I, therefore, am grateful for Congressional inaction and gridlock.


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