Obama: Government tyranny is impossible

Obama recently claimed that government tyranny is impossible, because “government is us.” Really? Government tyranny is impossible? Ever heard of tyranny of the majority? Commissar Obama’s getting more absurd by the day. If Obama really believes what he is saying, to use Murray Rothbard’s words, he “would have to say, for example, that any Jews murdered by the democratically elected Nazi government were not murdered, but only ‘voluntarily committed suicide.'” Further, Rothbard says “Murder is murder, theft is theft, whether undertaken by one man against another, or by a group, or even by the majority of people within a given territorial area. The fact that a majority might support or condone an act of theft does not diminish the criminal essence of the act or its grave injustice.”

If the government decided to round up all African-Americans and put them to death, including himself, would he think this is fine? He must since, after all, the decision would be made by democratically elected officials! Positive law is sheer nonsense. The millions of deaths caused by democratically elected governments in the 20th century are perfectly justifiable then, in Obama’s world. This is why democracy isn’t an ideal we should be seeking to spread; especially not by force. Even if democracy was virtuous, our attempts to spread it by force only further corrupt this already questionable institution. LIBERTY is the idea we should be seeking to spread, leading by our own example.


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