Marketplace Fairness Bill passes Senate

It’s funny that the bill passed by the Senate today, which would establish an internet sales tax, is called the “Marketplace Fairness Bill.” Sure, internet retailers have an advantage over brick-and-mortar retailers because these businesses conduct most transactions with out-of-state buyers and currently aren’t obligated to collect a sales tax on these “remote sales”. However, in what way is forcing internet retailers to collect a sales tax “fair?” Why not instead of making it “fair” by forcing every retailer collect a sales tax we make it “fair” by making no retailer charge a sales tax? We shouldn’t be seeking to add burdens to others to make them share an equal burden; no burdens across the board is as equal as it gets. Taxes for everyone is fair for no one. And anyways, the bill has nothing to do with the marketplace or fairness or anything of the sort; it’s just a way for states to try and collect sales taxes they are missing out on.


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