Segregation and School Vouchers

It’s always amazed me the people who argue against school vouchers because they say it leads to more segregation. Although it’s not the case, even if we grant for argument’s sake that a school voucher system will lead to less integration, if, at the same time, it raises everyone’s standard of education across the board, how can you argue against it? The primary goal of education should be…(spoiler alert)…EDUCATION! People who argue against school vouchers are are effectively holding integration as a greater goal of education than education itself, on its face an absurd proposition. Very rarely does anyone argue that competition in schooling created through school vouchers will not encourage the prospering of the best schools while the worst fall by the wayside. Instead, arguments involving integration, poverty, and parental irrationality are substituted for legitimate debate because they know competition will ultimately increase the quality of education, which is supposed to be their professed goal.

P.s. Not that I think school vouchers are the best policy, mind you, but they are better than the status quo.

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