On Loyalty

Freedom does not demand unquestioning loyalty to the government, nor to or any other institution or individual; it is an artifice of the tyrant to weaponize the word patriotism and demand strict obedience to his capricious doctrines regardless of right or wrong. Patriotism is a willingness to question and even oppose the government in pursuit of what is right. Loyalty is only useful to the individual whose actions are not worthy of inspiring voluntary association; they demand fealty in spite of their misdeeds and infidelity to the principles their associates share. Often, loyalty is demanded of individuals to the leader who acts contrary to their followers principles in the name of protecting these sacred principles themselves. Thus, it is those whom are accused of being disloyal who have actually retained their loyalty to their principles, rather than the leader who only pays lip service to them.

In short, unbending loyalty is only demanded by those whose actions do not inspire it. Let those without conscience persist in a servile state and have the chains of despotism operate as a noose upon the neck of their liberty. It is the ability to distinguish between, and act upon, right and wrong that is the characteristic of a true patriot in pursuit of liberty. One who cannot think for himself may find some use in living according to the gospel of loyalty. However, those with a modicum of dignity recognize their only duty is to be true to themselves and their principles despite any incendiary pejorative to the contrary. A true patriot cannot condone the existence and continuance of injustice committed by the State, manifestly sanctioned for purpose of protecting of those same individuals.

What honor is there in loyalty to Adolph Hitler? What is commendable about professing loyalty to a tyrannical government? What distinction is there in sacrificing one’s character to the dogmatic faith of government infallibility? There can be no honor in loyalty to a principle or person that is not honorable or does not act honorably. Honor is only conferred if the underlying principles one is loyal to are virtuous. Reductio ad absurdum, it is evident loyalty lacks any legitimacy as a principle unto itself. It is only in the devotion to moral righteousness that loyalty bears any fruit. Those individuals with character are the ones who will stand up for justice when their leaders actions only evince contempt for the principles they hold most dear. Anyone can roll over and allow the government to do whatever it pleases; consent is easy. Dissent is onerous; only a courageous few are willing to take a principled stand and refuse to allow any concessions to the State at personal risk to their own life, liberty and property. These few should be lauded as they are the bulwark of liberty.