Vermont Nullifies Federal Hemp Ban


Image courtesy of patpitchaya /

Vermont has recently nullified the federal ban on hemp nationwide. But, unlike the other 8 states that have introduced hemp legislation, this bill explicitly nullifies the  federal hemp ban and does not require the federal ban on hemp to be lifted. This is great news for Vermont, and the rest of America. Congress has no place regulating the products grown in individual’s back yards, especially one as harmless as industrial hemp.

Unfortunately, the bill requires farmers to be licensed in order to cultivate hemp, however it’s unquestionably better than an outright ban on the product. It’s amazing how some individuals are complacent about the ban on hemp because “there is no market” for it. Yet, if this was the case, any one with a shred of economic sense could tell you that any good without a market for it simply won’t exist. If you are that confident about it, then lifting the ban on hemp could not possibly cause any harm, and it’s worth the experiment because of the potential for enormous benefits to the american consumer and hemp farmers. Any individual against allowing hemp cultivation either has an obsession against marijuana and confounds the two issues or is a protectionist of the cotton industry.